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PostSubject: FAQ   Mon Sep 10, 2007 2:19 pm

1.- What happen if i have another version of the WOW?
R.- You cant play and if you have ver. 2.2.0 or above you need to reinstall the whole warcraft so check that out.
2.- Do i really need Hamachi?
R.- yes cause this server works as a LAN party so yes
3.- Where can i find the patches?
R.- look up in google till one of my moderators search for the links lol Smile remember last patch you need is 2.1.3.
4.- My WoW says cant connect to server?
R.- there may be a lot of reasons the primary ones are : server is down for mantainance, you instaled other patch insted of 2.1.3, you havent contacted freak for your username and password in game etc. if none of this are your case type it on the Questions? forum.
5.- Can i be a gm?
R.- First of all im not looking right now for new gm's but when im searching i will post in the events and updates for players make their application but for now no thanks.

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