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PostSubject: INSTALATION GUIDE   Mon Sep 10, 2007 2:14 pm

OK first of all you need to get World of Warcraft game having this installed we can proceed the guide.
1.- make sure your warcraft is at version 2.1.3 if it isnt you cant play in this server until you update your warcraft to that version, you can find the update files in or google them up while i search for the links Smile
2.- after your game is patched to ver. 2.1.3 open your warcraft folder (usually C:\program files\world of warcraft ) and search for a file named Realmlist.
3.-Once you have located the file right click on it and open with notepad.
4.- inside the file you will see two lines containing the following set realmlist and wow web direction errase the direction and replace it with so it says set realmlist
5.-once done with step 4 go to [url][/url] and download hamachi.
6.- after downloading hamachi open it and search the join a created network and a window will popup asking you for the username and the password type in the username JUDOPO with caps and password 1234 (Freak was very original with that pass lol Very Happy)
7.-After all of that was done you will se a lot of ip in the hamachi just search the one that says Freak and rightclick on it to open a chat window and kindly ask him to add your account for WOW give him the username and password you want ingame and thats all.

**UPDATE** if you have burning crusade expansion tell him so he can eneable it to you.

Spartan - Admin - in game name Spartan,Sparta.
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